“A good library is a place where the lofty spirits of all nations and generations meet”. Library plays a pivotal role in
promoting the knowledge and is an integral part of any educational institution. It serves as an intellectual and
cultural gathering place that fosters and enhances learning, research and personal fulfillment. The library of our
college is fully computerized and well equipped with relevant study material. It is also catering to the needs of the
students, teachers and other staff members of the college. It is spacious and houses more than 2000 books.
Presently, it subscribes many leading newspapers and journal of genuine interest and significance.
1. The library has separate sections for text and reference books.
2. Generally, two books may be issued to each student simultaneously for a period of 7 days only.
3. Books may also be issued from book bank for the entire academic session to the ‘needy poor students’ on
special recommendation of the concerned tutor/library affairs committee or both.
4. Reference books are not issued.
5. In case of loss of a book, the student will have to either replace the book with a new one or pay fine in
addition to the present price of the book(s) as per rules.