Detail of Fees & Funds in Govt. College Bangana:
H.P. Govt. dues Rs @ To be Charged/ for during the full year
Admission Fee 25/- per sem. 50/-
Re-admission 1st time 100/- ———
Re-admission 2nd time 200/- ———
Late admission fee 10/- per day ———
Tuition Fee (only for boys) 50/- per pm 600/-only in two equal installments.
University Dues
Registration Fee 210/- 210/-(at the time of admission in 1st sem)
Migration Fee 200/- 200/-(for other than H.P. Board)
Continuation Fee 10/- per sem. 20/-
Sports Fee 15/-per annum 15/-
Youth Welfare Fund 15/-per annum 15/-
University Holiday Home Fund 1/-per annum 1/-
College Dues
Library Security Fund (Refundable ) 100/-per annum 100/- (at the time of admission in 1st sem)
Building Fund 10/-pm 120/-only in two equal installments.
Boys Fund/Pupil Fund
Sports Activity Fund 20/-pm 240/-only in two equal installments.
Cultural Activity Fund 20/-per annum 20/-
College Magazine Fund 50/- per annum 50/-
Campus Development Fund 10/- per annum 10/-
Identity Card Fee 10/- per sem. 20/-only in two equal installments.
House Exam Fee 40/- per sem 80/-only in two equal installments.
Book Replacement Fund 25/-per annum 25/-
Furniture Repair/Repalcment Fund 10/-per annum 10/-
Medical Aid Fund 6/-per annum 6/-
Student Aid Fund 2/-per annum 2/-
Amalgamated Fund 25/-pm 300/-only, in two equal installments
R.R.F.(Rover & Ranger fund) 5/- pm 60/-only, in two equal installments
Science Practicals
Physics 20/-pm 240/-only, in two equal installments
Chemistry 20/-pm 240/-only, in two equal installments
Botany 20/-pm 240/-only, in two equal installments
Zoology 20/-pm 240/-only, in two equal installments
Music 15/-pm 180/-only, in two equal installments
Computer and Net Fee 20/-per annum 20/-
Red Cross youth fund 40/-per sem 80/- in two equal installments
University Development Fund 500/-per annum 500/-
(Rs. 250/- from students of (Rs. 250/- from students of IRDP/BPL
Note 1:
i) PTA fund @ Rs. 300/- will be charged from each student at the time of admission.
ii) Students are advised to bring exact amount of fee/dues to the fee counter. In case of balance payment (if any ),
student shall ensure its receipt before actually leaving the fee counter.
i) Absentee fine (theory) @ Re. 1/- per period, absentee fine (practical) @ Re. 3/- per practical, absentee fine
(MTT) @Rs. 20/- per paper, late payment of dues @ Re. 1/- per day, late return of Library books @ Re. 1/- per
day per book shall be charged.
ii) Fees & other dues are to be paid without fine on the date fixed for each class as notified by the office from time to
time. After the due date is over, late fee fine shall be charged as per rules.
iii) The names of the students who fail to pay their dues by the close of date with fine, shall be struck off the college
rolls. Such students can be readmitted on payment of readmission fee, but it will be on Principal’s discretion
iv) A student will not be readmitted if his/her name is stuck off the college rolls for the third time, under any
v) Dues, once paid at the college counter shall not be refunded except in case of human error or amendments of
rule by competent authority in this regard. Such cases shall be decided by the Principal only.
Exemption in Fee
1. As per Govt. Notification No. EDN & H. (8) 3 (7) 1/76 dated 29-06-2007, all bonafide Himachali girl students
are exempted from tuition fee on production of such certificate at the time of admission.
2. Only siblings studying in the college are entitled to get half tuition fee exemption. Out of two, only one can
apply for exemption.

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